Church Council

Church Council     Senior Deacons and Trustee Chairs since 1950     Deacon Assigns

The Church Council formulates church policies and makes all program and financial decisions. Led by the Chair, the Church Council consists of heads of major committees, the Senior Pastor, the Director of Administration and Finance, the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and the Church Clerk. The Church Council began on July 1, 2016 as a merger of the Church Committee and the Board of Trustees functions.

Church Council, 2019-2020:

Rick Derr, BudgetRick Derr,
Chair and Budget​
Pat MPat Mendelsohn,
Vice-Chair and Outreach 

(Move one of these below up to Vice-Chair.  Insert Clerk below once that person is chosen.)

Chris Cantwell, Vice-Chair and PersonnelChris Cantwell,
Rick Derr, BudgetRick Derr,
Chair and Budget
Rev Patrick CollinsRev. Patrick Collins,
Senior Pastor
Mary Ferry, TreasurerMary Ferry,
Donna Hascher, Chair and Faith Formation and EducationDonna Hascher,
Faith Formation and Education
Kristin Jacks,
Pat Geismar,
Community Relations
Richard Jenkins,
Buildings & Grounds
Clem Lepoutre, Assistant TreasurerClem Lepoutre,
Assistant Treasurer
Pat MPat Mendelsohn,
Christian Outreach
Judy Miller, WelcomingJudy Miller,
Barbara Norrgard,
Caring Ministries
Andrea Woodman Osker,
Senior Deacon
Gary Riddell, Asset ManagementGary Riddell,
Asset Management
Steve Summerton, Jr., Director of Admin. & FinanceSteve Summerton, Jr.,
Director of Admin. & Finance