Noye’s Fludde

Noah enters 
Animals and all

Every four years since 1968 our church has presented Benjamin Britten’s chancel opera NOYE’S FLUDDE. This musical telling of the story of Noah’s Ark is taken from a medieval mystery play.

The last performances took place in November of 2009. The cast and orchestra are made up of professionals and amateurs representing a broad spectrum of our congregation and community. Even the audience is involved in the performance. The involvement of so many people, spanning the generations, in such a massive artistic endeavor has made this a beloved tradition.

DVD recordings of the 2009 production, starring Thomas Woodman as Noye and Holly Sorensen as Mrs. Noye, available at a cost of $ 45.00 postpaid. Send your check made out to First Congregational Church of Greenwich to the church address, 108 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich, CT, 06870, attention Music Director.