Meetinghouse Pipe Organ / Music on Mondays

On March 18, 2020 Craig Symons wrote an email to the congregation during the Coronavirus outbreak:

Good morning, First Church!

In an effort to stay connected during this time of physical-distancing (that’s the latest phrase, because we’re staying socially connected in new and different ways!) Each Monday, I’m going to be bringing you a variety of musical topics and videos that you can explore at your leisure time, which we all will be having lots of over the coming weeks.

My first offering for you is a little tour of our Meetinghouse organ. Over the last couple of years, you have read or experienced our upgrades and renovations during worship or concerts. I created a short video talking about what was done, demonstrate those things, and a little walk-about to see various parts of the organ and where things reside in the Meetinghouse.