Committees and Task Forces

One of the most rewarding ways to serve our church is to join one of its many committees. This is definitely one of the best ways to meet new people and discover for yourself what makes our church so special.

Church Council

The Church Council meets monthly, except in August. The term for a member is three years. The Church Council formulates church policies and oversees all church programs and financial affairs. It has thirteen voting members: the Senior Pastor, the Treasurer, and the Chairs of the eleven Standing Committees. A full description of the duties of the Church Council is in Section 9 of Article V of the Church By-Laws.

Church Clerk*

The Church Clerk is a voting member of the Church Council. The term of office is three years. The Clerk keeps the records of the proceedings of the church: the minutes of all Church Council, Annual and Special Meetings of the members of the church, and issues the call for church-wide meetings.

Church Treasurer*

The Treasurer is a voting member of the Church Council. The term is three years. The Treasurer has full oversight over the funds of the church and all the activities related to the receipt, collection, deposit, disbursement and accounting of such.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee prepares the slate of candidates for election to serve as officers, members of the standing committees, and the as-large positions listed below. The committee consists of the immediate past Senior Deacon (who chairs the committee), the immediate past Chair of the Church Council, the Senior Pastor, and six members of the congregation. Two members of the congregation are elected each year, and serve staggered three-year terms. The committee starts its work in the summer and continues through the fall and early winter, soliciting nominations and encouraging participation by all segments of the congregation. The slate of nominees is published one week before the Annual Meeting, when elections are held.

*Officers are denoted with an asterisk

Chair*/Christian Outreach Committee

The Chair of the Christian Outreach Committee and the committee members are elected for three year terms. They receive and seek opportunities to use the portion of the annual budget allocated to outreach or solicited for specific purposes.

Annual Giving (Stewardship) Committee

This committee meets once a month, most months of the year, usually on Sundays before worship or on a Wednesday evening. The term for a member is three years. The work is vitally important because the Committee organizes and runs the Fall Stewardship pledge campaign to fund the programs and activities of the church. The Stewardship Committee has 12 members, one of whom is the liaison to, and a voting member of, the Church Council.

Welcoming Committee

This committee reaches out to those interested in learning more about our church, encourages them to join, and helps them integrate themselves into the life of the Church. The term of a committee member is three years.

Faith Formation Committee

The Christian Faith Formation Committee coordinates, promotes and provides advice, feedback and logistical support to the various religious education and faith based programs for children, youth and adults. The Christian Faith Formation Committee reports to the Church Council. As of 2022, it includes the former Church School Task Force.

At-large members of First Congregational Preschool Board

This position involves participation in all aspects of running the Preschool, including finances, employee benefits, facility maintenance, and educational goals and programs. Members of the Preschool board include the Senior Pastor, the Preschool Director, the Church School Director, the Preschool Parent President, and the at-large church members. The Board meets once a month from September through May, generally on Tuesday or Wednesday morning from 9:00 to 11:00.

Delegates to Fairfield West Association

These members represent our Church at the annual meeting of the Fairfield West Association and at other times as the occasion arises.

Delegates to Connecticut Conference of the UCC

These members represent our Church at various meetings of the Connecticut Conference.



No nomination required for the following committees/task forces/position. Just sign up!

Confirmation Task Force

This task force helps in the planning and coordination of the confirmation year. It is made up of parents and volunteer, and is particularly instrumental in the success of the two retreats the class takes. It meets on an “as needed” basis.

Memorial Gifts Committee

This group has disbanded. It used to meet every four to six weeks to review, prioritize and approve the projects to receive memorial gift funds.

Wellness Committee

These people help the church nurse by taking blood pressures and giving flu shots, etc. This is part of the Caring Ministries Committee.

Delegate to Pilgrim Tower board

This position is currently open.

Historical Committee

Sheila Tolmie, Pat Larrabee, Betsy Heberling, Bob Ferry, Mary Ferry and Rosemary Lamie.

This committee catalogs and organizes all the historical documents, photos, slides, videos, artifacts and books into acid-free boxes and manila folders in a consolidated location. The committee puts out a display of our interesting artifacts on Founders Day, near July 18th. They helped write the church history book on the years from 1965 – 2015 since 2015-2016 was the gala 350th anniversary of the founding of our church.