Church School

The 5 W’s of Church School at FCCOG

  • Who: Pre-K to 6th Grade.
  • What: Sunday morning classes that aim to use developmentally appropriate curriculum and teaching approaches to faith formation – through acts of service, relationship building and fun experiences.
  • When: During the Sunday morning worship hour, after the Children’s Message. Students will be guided to the back of the Meetinghouse, then walked to their appropriate classroom.
  • Where: Most often in the lower Undercroft of the church, occasionally depending on the lesson, we may meet in the Lounge or Auditorium!
  • Why: Because we believe it is our role as the church to show and teach the love of Jesus to all, including the youngest amongst us. We prioritize our children’s and youth ministries because we know that faith can impact and add so much to our lives, regardless of age. It is in time together, growing in faith and age, that we continue to understand what God and spirituality means to us personally.

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Register Your Child/Children For Church School

This is so we have an emergency contact, are aware of allergies, and to help ensure all students are in the correct classes for their development. Click Here

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Volunteer in Church School

Our Church School Teachers are parents and other adults who volunteer from our congregation. We encourage all generations of our congregation to be actively involved in the Faith Formation of our children. We have traditionally asked parents to volunteer for two years for each child they have in Church School. Church School teachers add their warmth and care and have the joy of sharing their faith and becoming acquainted with the children of the church. Many middle and high school students help teach and assist as needed. We have recently begun referring to these wonderful helpers as V.I.T.s or Very Important Trainees! Their fresh ideas, enthusiasm and support mean a lot to our children.

Our Church School Task Force assists the Director of Church School in developing programs and special events in our children’s church life beyond Sunday morning. They are also a support team for our teachers. Together, they respond to the current needs of our faith formation program and the concerns of our families. If you are interested in either teaching or being on the Task Force, please contact Khaleigh Laicher.

God’s gift of love is perhaps the most perfect gift we will ever know. While this gift is freely given, we hope to encourage our children to reach out and receive it. In the midst of all these activities, it is our fervent prayer that the seeds of faith, inherent in our children, will grow and multiply as the mustard seed in Jesus’ parable. Thank you for sharing your children with us this year. Please know that throughout our year, your suggestions and your participation are always welcome.