Our Stained Glass Windows

South Nave Window #1 – The Saint Paul Window

In appreciation of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John E. Guy and Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gerdes
given by Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Guy

The south nave windows in our church (on the left of the congregation) portray the “Ongoing Church” from the Acts of the Apostles to the present and indicate the spread of the Church of Christ to all parts of the world.  The infant Christian church began to spread throughout the then known world preaching the Gospel and baptizing in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Paul was perhaps the most assiduous of these early missionaries.

Left lancet

The window, illustrating his ministry, begins in the upper left with the stoning of Stephen which Paul witnessed. The text in the left ribbon says “For me to live is Christ. Be steadfast in the work of the Lord.”

The central scene in this lancet is his conversion on the road to Damascus.

The left predella (bottom) shows Paul preaching.

Right lancet

At the top Paul dreams that the Macedonians call him to come to them with the Gospel message. The text in the right ribbon says “They preached the word of God. Your labour is not in vain in the Lord.”

In the center Paul and Barnabas embark on their second missionary journey.

At the bottom right he is shown ending his days imprisoned in Rome writing Epistles to the churches he founded.