Our Stained Glass Windows

Chapel Window 1

In appreciation of the ministry of Vincent H. Daniels

Left lancet

At the top is one of the early buildings of the community being constructed with rough hand-hewn boards.

The central figure is John Davenport (1597-1670) the spiritual leader of the New Haven Colony under whose jurisdiction Greenwich was first established. He asserted the Bible is the fundamental law of church organization, the Congregational model.

The bottom of the left lancet of the first window shows the landing in 1640 of the first settlers of Greenwich.

Right lancet

The small building at the top is the schoolhouse in which the early church services might have been held.

William Grimes, shown center right, was the first great benefactor of this congregation. When he died as a bachelor in 1670, he left 32 acres for the use of the church to provide income for ministers. This land, now most of Shorelands, was sold in 1906, the funds from which were set apart as an endowment referred to as the Grimes Trust Fund. The oval head of Christ part of the north transept window is called the Grimes Memorial as a tribute to him.

The right lancet shows, at the bottom, John Eliot (ca 1604 – 1690), first apostle to the New England native people.