Getting Married at the First Congregational Church of Greenwich

We are glad for your interest in entering into a Christian marriage at the First Congregational Church. The joining of two people in this “estate instituted by God” is a sacred and wonderful event and we are honored to be a part of your wedding day.

You’ll have many plans for your special day, but as far as First Congregational Church is concerned, the following guidelines will assure a timely and meaningful ceremony.

Set the Date

Our church is almost in constant use for church and community functions, so as soon as possible determine possible dates for your wedding and check with Donna White in the church office. Setting the date six months to a year ahead is typical and sometimes necessary. When you call, Donna will give you the basic information you need to get started. She will also alert the clergy of an upcoming wedding. A marriage application will be mailed to you, which you should complete and return to the church office.

However, a date cannot be confirmed until you meet with a pastor. So…

Arrange a meeting with a minister of the church

You need to set up a meeting with the clergyperson who will be performing the ceremony. He or she will want to see you well in advance of the wedding date and in fact the wedding date cannot be confirmed until these meetings have been held. In certain circumstances, guest ministers will be allowed to perform weddings, but an initial meeting with one of our pastors is still required.

Complete the Marriage Application and Return it to the church office

Mail the application to the church office or bring it with you for the interview with the pastor.

Wedding Music

One of the church organists – or one approved by them – will play for the ceremony. Please do not make independent arrangements for an outside organist.

Wedding Decorations

Candelabra-in-aislesWhen you engage a florist, which is the responsibility of the family, we suggest that floral arrangements be kept simple. Advise your florist against the use of adhesives to fasten floral arrangements to the church walls and pew ends. Please notify the church, well in advance, if you wish to leave the flowers for the Sunday worship service.

The church prohibits the use of a white runner. The carpeted aisle is attractive, and the carpet provides protection for the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses.

Wrought-iron aisle candleholders and candelabra are available for your wedding for an additional fee. The candelabra which sit on either side of the communion table hold seven candles each. Aisle candleholders, 16 in all with three candles each, are placed the length of the aisle at every third pew.

Please, no rice, birdseed or their substitutes inside or outside the church.


The marriage ceremony is an act of worship, and as such we require that nothing distracts either the couple or their family and friends from this purpose during the service. While we recognize that the couple and their families will wish to have pictures, we ask that the following be observed by professional and amateur photographers alike:

  • Flash pictures may be taken during the processional and recessional only.
  • During the service, photographs may be taken only from the cross aisle and only with available light.
  • A picture of the bride and groom coming down the aisle after the ceremony may be taken from the rear of the church outside the sight range of the congregation.
  • The pastor will be happy to recreate part of the service after the ceremony provided that this has been arranged with the pastor beforehand and takes place as soon as possible after the end of the service.
  • Your photographer should be asked to report to the minister upon his/her arrival at the church for a review of the guidelines.


Please speak with the minister performing the ceremony concerning the policy on videography of your wedding.

Obtain the Marriage License

The license must be obtained in the town in which the ceremony will take place (i.e., the Town of Greenwich). It is valid for sixty (60) days from date of issue. There is a four-day waiting period between the day of application and the day the license may be picked up, so be sure to allow enough time in applying. The license should be given to the pastor at the wedding rehearsal.

The Rehearsal

Your wedding rehearsal will be directed by your minister. The purpose of a rehearsal is to prepare for the service of worship. All participants should observe this in both dress and decorum.

In that there may be other rehearsals scheduled on the same evening, it is extremely important that all members of your party arrive on time. There are many details to be covered at the rehearsal, and so it is necessary that the entire wedding party including parents participate promptly and attentively.

Rehearsal dinners or other social gatherings should be scheduled after the rehearsal.


The fees for a wedding in our church are available from the church office. Separate checks, payable to the church or the appropriate person, should be mailed to the church in advance or brought to the wedding rehearsal.

For further information or to begin planning your wedding with us, please call the church office at (203) 637-1791.

Photos in Binney Park

The church is across the street from beautiful Binney Park, making it an ideal place to have your wedding, then have picturesque photos taken afterwards in the park.

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