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Phone (203) 637-1791
Extension numbers are shown below


John W. Collins

Interim Senior Pastor

ext. 34





 Mark D. Montgomery

Associate Pastor for Youth Ministry

ext. 15




Daniel B. England

Minister of Communication and Adult Education

ext. 25




Avery C. Manchester

Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care

ext. 12



Craig Scott Symons

Director of Music and Organist

ext. 22




Carolyn Paulus

Youth Choir Director





Donald Haviland

Cherub Choir Director



George A. Handley

Business Administrator

ext. 29




Kirk Young

Financial Administrator

ext. 32



Mary Babbidge, Cemetery Administrator and Records Clerk, ext. 31

Donna White, Senior Administrative Assistant, ext. 14


Lilliam Rodriguez

Senior Sexton

ext. 30




Barb Wilkov

Director of Communications

ext. 24




Juan Leon







Maria Drieghe

Manager – The Rummage Room

(203) 637-1875



Susan Asselin

Parish Nurse

ext. 21




Ginny Breismeister

Director of Membership

ext. 26




Rosemary Lamie

Director of Family Ministries

ext. 20




Darla Kohler

Preschool Director

ext 18



Maureen Bruno

Preschool Administrative Assistant


Lord Indigo of Raleigh a.k.a. Jeep, Official First Church Staff Dog

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