Honor the Past books

The Second Edition of Honor the Past books covering the 50 years of our church history from 1965 to 2015 are now ready for ordering. So we know how many copies to have printed, please fill out the form below and click <Send>.  This edition has two more photos and many edits that the first edition didn’t have. 

A PDF version for $6 is now available on <MyFirstChurch>! Within a few hours after you make your payment, you will get an email with the pdf file of the book attached. If it doesn’t arrive, please contact PatLarrabee@hotmail.com.
* Hardbound is about $40.
* Paperback is about $30.  
(The price may have to go up a bit, due to a lower volume discount on the order.)

(*The final price depends on how many orders we get. Prices do not include shipping to your home if you do not pick up the book at the church.)

How do you want to receive it?
Buy it at the churchMailed to you (extra fee.)