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Thank you for considering our church as you look for a faith community you can truly call home. It often takes a small pluck of courage to visit a church for the first time. You are bound to have questions — everything from where to park your car to what are the arrangements for your children when you arrive. We want you to know how much we value visitors and want you to feel welcome and comfortable. This section of our website is designed to answer most questions people might have before they stop by for a visit. We hope to meet you soon.

When to arrive?

If you plan to go directly into the Meetinghouse (the entrance is around the side across from the cemetery), ten minutes or so before 10 am should be plenty of time.

If you have children with you, it will take a few extra minutes to get them settled. A greeter will assist you in finding the right place for your children.

Where to park?

As you enter the parking lot off Forest Avenue, which is behind the church, there are reserved places for visitors on the right. If these are filled, you may park wherever there is a space or on the streets around the church. There is additional parking at the Perrot Library diagonally across Sound Beach Avenue.

Handicapped parking is also available behind the church.

What to wear?

It’s up to you. Many people go with “business casual” but there are a few ties to be seen and a few jeans as well. Just so you know, the Meetinghouse is air-conditioned for the summer (and, yes, heated in the winter).

Where do our children go?

Children are an invaluable part of our church and its programs. They are always welcome to be in the Meetinghouse during the service, but we also have a vital Church School program where they are welcome any time you are here. If you would like your children to go to Church School during your visit, the ushers and greeters will direct you to the Undercroft (Preschool area). There you will be met by a member of the Church School Team. They will explain the Sunday morning routine and help you know where your children will be.

What about infants and toddlers?

During the 10 am service, we have a well-equipped nursery staffed by experienced childcare providers. There is also a room for toddlers up to age three. Of course, if you prefer to keep your infant with you during the service, that’s fine. If your child needs a respite, an usher will be happy to give you directions.

What to expect in the worship service?

To see a copy of an order of worship (bulletin), click here.

As a visitor you will never be singled out or asked to introduce yourself, but we hope you will make yourself known during the coffee hour.

Visitors are not expected to contribute to the offering unless you want to.

On the first Sunday of every month, we observe Communion. During the summer, we hold an additional 8:00 am beach service at Tod’s Point (Greenwich Point).

How visitors meet people here.

We love visitors and we want to help you get to know our church. This is best done in the coffee hour after church where any member will be glad to speak with you. Pastors come to the coffee hour as well if you’d like a word with any of them.

What about special needs?

Most areas of the church are handicap accessible. All other special needs can be accommodated by calling the church at (203) 637-1791 during the week.

If you are dealing with a personal or family struggle, please speak with a pastor and we will endeavor to connect you with appropriate help resources.



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