The First Congregational Church of Greenwich

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September 2006

Speaking Pastorally

''We become what we know. We are that which we deeply contemplate.'' -

With the turning of summer and these beautiful days, we now face an exciting church year ahead!

Images and symbols are an important part of who we are and who we can become. For Christ, the cross shaped his identity so much for his followers that even though we do not know what he looked like, we do know in a very deep sense who and whose he was and is.

And so as we kick off the fall we will begin a Sermon Series entitled: ''Images and Identity for the People of God''. It is my hope that, as we explore several different images, our identities as Christians will be prompted toward a deeper level of faithfulness. The schedule for the next five weeks can be found in the next column.

Sunday, September 10th is Homecoming Sunday and it holds great promise as we begin a new church year together! Plan to start your fall season with a lift to your spirit by joining with your church family for worship - either in the warmth of Christian community in the sanctuary (which will be air conditioned if it's too warm) or by tuning in the radio broadcast. And then plan to stay for the Homecoming picnic and festivities. The children begin their classes, opportunities for involvement abound, and God is calling us toward a growing identity and a wonderful future! With Excitement

David Young


September 10
''Everybody's Looking for Something''
Homecoming Sunday
Dr. David D. Young (Seekers & Searchers)
Proverbs 2:1-11, Matthew 13:44-46 and Mark 7:24-37No Beach Service

September 17
''Proclamation Power''
Dr. David D. Young (Heralds & Harkeners)
Isaiah 55:10-13, Mark 8:27-38 and Acts 13:16-33

September 24
''True Greatness - or - Dr. David D. Young The Downside of Faith''
(Servants & Slaves)
Psalm 100, Mark 9:30-37 & 10:35-45

October 1
''Living Sacraments''
World Communion Sun (Bread & Wine)
Dr. David D. Young
Mark 14:12-25 and Romans 12:1-8

October 8
''Let's Go Fishing''
Dr. David D. Young (Followers and Fishers)
Genesis 1:1-2 and Matthew 4:18-22


Immediately Following 10 AM Worship
(There will be NO 8 AM Beach Service)

Activities for Everyone
A Perfect Time to Bring Friends!

The First Church Grillers will be cookin’ up
hot dogs and burgers.
The rest of us will bring Desserts (last name begins A-L)
and Salads or Side Dishes (last name begins M-Z).

Anyone can enter the Pie Baking Contest!
Contact for details.

Ministry to Children and Families
Church School Opens on Homecoming Sunday

''Finding God's Stories In Our Stories'' is the theme for our Church School program this year. God's stories can be found not only in the Bible but in the lives we live everyday. Their truth and their guidance are something we need - and our world needs. As we teach our children about God and living faithfully, we hope they will feel God's love in their everyday lives. As adults who promise at every baptism in the Meetinghouse to support our children as they grow in faith, we need to help our children learn the important lessons of our faith by our own actions and values.

We are so fortunate to have 79 committed volunteers to teach our children. This includes 56 teachers returning from last year, 8 returning from previous years, and 15 new this year. Of the 79, 25 are high school students, 21 returning from last year, and 4 new this year. In addition to these individuals, we have both adults and high school students who will substitute. Would you like to be part of this lively and important ministry? If so, call Susie or Rosemary for details.

Each year we incorporate new initiatives in the Church School to hold the interest of our children and to help them learn to live faithfully. The highlights of this year are:

  • And more!

So, either register for Church School on Homecoming Sunday, or better yet, mail in or drop off your family registration at the Church Office.


Note: The ''Ministry to Children and Families'' 2006-2007 handbook was mailed in August. Please call or stop by if you did not receive one. It is filled with many details about our programs this year for children from infants through 8th grade, as well as introductory information on our programs for High School students. If you know other families who would like to know about our Church School program, please call the Church Office and we will send the handbook to them


First Church is embarking on an exciting and informative series of Adult Education offerings this Fall. Our mission is to enrich and expand our individual faith journeys, while offering varied opportunities and formats for Christian growth and fellowship. The following is a brief description of what is planned:

Pulitzer Prize-winning Author to Speak

Edward Jones won the Pulitzer Prize for The Known World in 2003 and now offers a complex, sometimes somber collection of 14 short stories, four of which have appeared in the New Yorker. His newest book, All Aunt Hagar's Children borrows its title from one of his mother's favorite expressions and manifests the talent for characterization and storytelling as evidenced in his award-winning book. Mr. Jones will speak in the Meetinghouse on Friday, September 15th, at 7:00 PM This event is co-sponsored by Just Books, Too in Old Greenwich and admission is free.

''Faith and Politics: How the 'Moral Values' Debate Divides America and How to Move Forward Together'' by Senator John C. Danforth

Join Senator John C. Danforth Tuesday, September 19th, at 7:30 PM in the Meetinghouse as he discusses his new book. This event is co-sponsored by Just Books, Too in Old Greenwich and admission is free.

As a former three-term US Republican Senator from Missouri, US ambassador to the United Nations, and an ordained Episcopal priest, John C. Danforth has watched the changes in his party and the church with growing alarm. After penning two op-eds for The New York Times criticizing the ''right'' for its focus on wedge issues-abortion, stem-cell research, gay marriage, the Schiavo case, the public display of religion-that drive people apart, he speaks out again to call for a change.

In ''Faith and Politics,'' Danforth provides suggestions for moving toward a more secular Republican party. Based on years of hard-won political experience and a life of religious service, he calls for Christians to look to the Bible and Christian teachings for ways in which we can practice our faith day to day and turn our focus to a common ground. First Church does not promote one political party over another but does value open political dialogue.

Hats Off

A perennial favorite this is our women’s book discussion group led by Rev Susie Craig. We read a wide variety of books, share our life journeys, and also travel from time to time. Our first book, More than Petticoats, Remarkable Maine Women by Kate Kennedy, available in the church office for the cost of $9, should be read prior to the first meeting. All are welcome - members of First Congregational Church, neighbors, and friends. We meet Thursdays beginning September 21st 9:45 - 11:30 am in the Church Lounge While we meet frequently, there is also much latitude as we all have different schedules and availabilities. If you need childcare speak to Susie Craig and we will see what we can arrange. We want everyone to be welcome.

The New Day Journal: A Journey from Grief to Healing by Mauryeen O'Brien

Anyone bearing the recent or past loss of a loved one will find understanding of the natural process of grieving, and the promise of living beyond loss, in this six-week seminar led by Rev. Ron Halvorsen and Sue Asselin RN.

The group will use The New Day Journal, which is based on the premise that sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences is one of the most helpful ways to heal from the pain of loss.

The sessions will be Thursdays (September 28 - November 2) 4:00 - 5:30PM in the Church Lounge. Pre-registration is required and the size of the group will be limited. For more information and to register, call Ron at 637-1791 Ext. 28.

Sunday Parents' Study Group-The Price of Privilege by Madeline Levine, Ph. D.

Join Rev. Susie Craig on Sunday mornings in October for important discussions as we consider the challenges facing affluent families (that's us!) as we raise our children in a materialistic and highly technological culture. In the midst of these opportunities, there is, at the same time, challenge. As parents, we hope that our children can grow up to be healthy and happy, able to form meaningful relationships, think for themselves, and also be people of faith. The challenge is complex, yet critically important. Let's get together and share our thoughts. Sign up in the church office or call Susie. Childcare will be available and you are welcome to come to all or as many of our four sessions as you are able. We will be meeting Sundays October 1, 15, 22, and 29 11:20 AM - 12:00 PM sharp in the Church Lounge.


Sunday Parents' Study Group-The Price of Privilege by Madeline Levine, Ph. D.

Join Rev. Susie Craig on Sunday mornings in October for important discussions as we consider the challenges facing affluent families (that's us!) as we raise our children in a materialistic and highly technological culture. In the midst of these opportunities, there is, at the same time, challenge. As parents, we hope that our children can grow up to be healthy and happy, able to form meaningful relationships, think for themselves, and also be people of faith. The challenge is complex, yet critically important. Let's get together and share our thoughts. Sign up in the church office or call Susie. Childcare will be available and you are welcome to come to all or as many of our four sessions as you are able. We will be meeting Sundays October 1, 15, 22, and 29 11:20 AM - 12:00 PM sharp in the Church Lounge.

Remembering Your Story by Richard L. Morgan

As we grow older, we often feel the need to be more intentional about discerning the spiritual paths we have taken through life and telling and preserving our life story. Remembering Your Story provides a framework for this journey of Christian discernment. Looking at the creation of one's spiritual autobiography provides an important focus for continuing healing and religious and spiritual development in adulthood.

This six-week course, facilitated by Rev. Ron Halvorsen, will be offered initially for the residents of Edgehill who are members of First Church, Tuesdays (October 3 - November 7) 4:00 - 5:15 PM .

Faith and the Work Place

If you have ever desired to connect your faith life and work life, please consider joining others who share the same concern on the first Thursday of the month beginning October 5th 7:00 - 8:00 AM in the Church Lounge.

David Young will facilitate the gathering, which will explore how faith and Christian principles can play an important role in decision-making and work throughout the week. A light continental breakfast will be offered and the sessions will end promptly at 8:00 a.m. to allow for commuters and others to begin their workday in a timely manner. No reservations are required, simply come as your schedule allows.

Second Hour

We plan to continue to expand our Second Hour offerings. The following have been planned:
October 15: Hospice
November 12: Medicare Part D

''Getting Oriented to Enlighten the Christian Faith'' by Paul Alan Laughlin

A new DVD/discussion series begins this fall facilitated by Marty Berlin. The four-week series will be offered on four consecutive Sundays (October 29-November 19) 8:30-9:30 AM in the Church Lounge, with a repeat of the session on the following Tuesday (October 31-November 21) 7:00-8:00 PM for those who are unable to attend on Sunday.

Paul Alan Laughlin, presenter in this series, is a popular lecturer, author, and Professor of Theology at Otterbein University. Using his trademark humor and colorful projected images, Laughlin shows how a positive step toward an emerging progressive Christianity might engage and inform conventional Christian traditions. He makes a case for the promise of the mystical strains of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism in producing a new, enlightened version of the Christian faith, with special attention to our views of God, human nature, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. You may not always agree with Mr. Laughlin, but you are certain to be challenged into looking at new ideas on your faith journey.

Hats Off South - Heads North September 25-29

This fall Hats Off will be venturing north in response to an invitation from our friends in Windham, Maine (Hats Off North). There, in the Portland area, we hope to visit with our sisters in faith, consider the life stories of Maine women, and our own life stories as women today in the New York and Maine areas. There will be much we will find in common, and much we can learn from one another, about the realities that face women today, and also about who we are in the year 2006 as women of faith.

Our discussions will stem from a reading in common of the book More than Petticoats, Remarkable Maine Women, by Kate Kennedy. Those interested in making the trip should be in touch with Susie Craig by September 5th. More details will be forthcoming as we know our numbers and the availability of drivers.

Sign-ups are being taken in the Church Office. Books are available there for a cost of $9.00. Checks can be made out to First Congregational Church, marked for Hats Off in the corner and left in Kirk Young's box.

We hope you can join us for this time when we can explore our faith and enjoy a time of fellowship and camaraderie!!

We extend our congratulations for the following baptism and wedding held during August:

Baptism in August:
Katherine Livingston Janis daughter of Elizabeth and Peter Janis

Wedding in August
Lynda Montgomery to Vincent (Jeff) Webb

We offer condolences to the families of those who have died recently in our church family:

Sylvia Daisy Truss (wife of Howard Truss)

A message from the Rummage Room

It seems like every year the summer gets shorter. It’s almost time to think about fall. The Rummage Room reopened its doors on Monday the 28th of August. Many thanks to all our wonderful volunteers who helped us out throughout the year and a special thanks to those who helped us get ready for opening day: Lee Baer, Jo Beers, Mary Blackwell, Betty Bonsal, Sue Harmon, Rob Harmon, Ann Nemetz, Barbara Norrgard, Erna Olsen, Tim Palmer, Sharon Paris, Gloria Salerno, Winnie Shortman, and anyone we regretfully omitted. A special thank you again to our two heroes, Jack Sweger and Benny Menegon, who installed another beautiful rack in the children’s corner. Perfect job as always! We hope everyone had a great summer and don’t forget to stop by. See you soon.
                   Deb & Maria

Sales Hours
Monday - Friday 10 - 5
Saturday 10 - 1

Donation Hours
Monday - Thursday 9 - 5
Friday 9 - 1
Saturday 9:30 - 1

From the Parish Nurse......Opportunities Abound by Sue Asselin, RN

Are you a health nut? That is, are you interested in promoting the physical and spiritual health of yourself and others? Then you may be perfect to sit on the Wellness Committee. The mission of the Wellness Committee is to promote the health and well-being of the First Congregational Church parishioners and the surrounding community. The committee acts as an advisory board to the Parish Nurse, meeting approximately every other month. Members offer ideas and insights, and assist with promotion and implementation of Wellness programs such as educational events, screening events, and safety initiatives. Some members have a medical background, and assist with taking blood pressures on the Sundays when the Parish Nurse is not available. We're excited about our plans for the new program year, full of healthy traditions and caring initiatives. Please contact your Parish Nurse at extension 21 if you can help. We're always looking for a few more ''nuts''.

Get Ready. September is National Preparedness Month and the Greenwich Chapter of the American Red Cross is offering many programs to ready us for emergencies. Check out the Wellness Committee bulletin board (outside the lounge) for details. The web site has information on how to prepare your family for a disaster.

Do you know someone alone? As we enter hurricane season, thoughts turn to the many members and friends of FCCOG that may live alone and need some special attention during a disaster. As they were in the recent heat wave, homebound people are the most vulnerable. The staff has been compiling a list of individuals we would like to check on during any wide-spread crisis. If you know (or you are) someone who would benefit from a concerned caller, please share this with one of the clergy or your parish nurse.

Can you help a Friend? Sometimes it's a ride to church or a doctor visit. Other times it's a friendly call, an errand or a meal. We're updating our records of Friends Helping Friends, the practical help ministry. If you'd like to offer your assistance, let your parish nurse know.

Soup (or Casserole) for the Soul… Yet another chance to help one another. We need individuals or whole committees that can spare a couple of hours to cook in bulk. The packaged meals would then be delivered by clergy or Friends Helping Friends volunteers.

With all these opportunities, the question is not whether, but how, to help. So remember, ''Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you a part of it.'' 1 Corinthians 12:27 Or, if Nike wrote bible verses: ''Just do your part.''

September Parish Nurse Hours:
Tuesdays & Thursdays 9-5
Sundays, September 10th & 24th 9

THE CHERUB CHOIR is for children in kindergarten through second grade. Director Stephanie Hanbury-Brown began in this position last spring and has already demonstrated her ability to draw on a wide range of resources to engage the children in happy music making. Rehearsals are for 30 minutes immediately following Sunday Church School, beginning September 17. A complete schedule will be available on Homecoming Sunday.

THE CHILDREN'S CHOIR, under the direction of John Stansell, will begin rehearsals on Wednesday, September 13, at 5:00 pm in the Choir Room, followed at 6:00 by our pizza supper. The choir is for children in grades three through six. One can pre-register on Homecoming Sunday at Church School sign-up or simply come on the 13th. We have a good time and a good reputation! The children improve as singers and learn a lot about worship and the church. Do encourage your children to participate!

The Children's Choir will again participate this year in the Central Connecticut Choristers Guild Festival on Saturday, March 17, 2007, at a yet to be determined location.

The Chancel Choir Wants You!

The Chancel Choir is a friendly group that knows the joys of making music together and of serving the church. Choristers often comment that they leave rehearsal feeling invigorated and spiritually uplifted. Some read music very well, others less so, many have only average voices, but everyone learns his/her part and the result is often glorious!

Can't come every week? Few choir members can. But we work several weeks in advance. And only a large membership ensures that we have sufficient numbers each Sunday.

Rehearsals are Thursdays from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. in the third floor Choir Room. (That's directly above the Lounge, if you've never been there.) We begin September 8.

Do come! We will welcome you! If you want to speak with John Stansell beforehand, don't hesitate to call him at the church, 637-1791, extension 22, Tuesday through Friday. (He says most people underestimate their own ability to sing.)

An Organfest to Delight and Dazzle

Whatever dreary reputation the organ might have, this year's Organ Oktoberfest, our 14th annual series, is guaranteed to destroy that image. See the box on the back page for the exciting line up of performers. You will especially want to come on Saturday, October 21, for the very entertaining Hector Olivera who will play our organ and his Roland Atelier, an ultra-synthesizer that he can play in real time or program to accompany him while he plays our pipe organ. It's an unbeatable show! Consider inviting friends for dinner beforehand, and join the patrons for a dessert reception after the concert. Watch for details.

A Letter to Parents of Teenagers
from Carolyn Paulus

The Youth Choir is one of the many blessings in my life, as I have heard it is for many of you. Since I began as its director in the fall of 2001, on an interim basis at first, I have developed a sincere affection and respect for these young people. But the reality of all school-age choirs is that there is a graduating class every year. I am asking for your help in encouraging your 7th to 12th graders, who enjoy music and singing, to participate in the choir so that we maintain, even strengthen this vital program, in spite of yearly attrition.

I don't need to tell you that scheduling is always difficult. Every year there are more games and practices scheduled for Sunday mornings and even out-of-town tournaments held on Easter weekend. We can work around these conflicts, but because of them, we need the largest possible group base so all parts are covered comfortably each week. (Of course it's best when choristers attend regularly.)

Please encourage your young person to join. Starting on Sunday, September 17, we will meet weekly from 11:20-12:20 following the service. The Choir sings for worship about once a month.

Remember that singing in the choir is a community service. It not only contributes to the life of the church, but is viewed favorably in applications for the National Honor Society and colleges.

I look forward to a bright future for the Youth Choir, full of good fellowship and inspiring music making. If you have any questions or if your child wants to give choir a try, please contact me at 357-9661. Thanks for your consideration.

Carolyn Paulus

First Church to Host 5th Anniversary 9/11 Observance

On Monday, September 11th, at 7:00 p.m. the entire Greenwich community is invited to Binney Park for a brief service of remembrance. This simple service will include candle lighting, readings, prayers and silence. In addition to remembering our loss, it will also carry a message of hope that all of God's children are special and all life is precious. In the event of inclement weather, the observance will be held in the church sanctuary

Food Pantry Needs

For September September 3rd is the first Sunday in September and the food barrel will be out again. Food donations slackened during the summer months. Consequently, we need to fill specific shortages to maximize the effectiveness of our contribution. The following items are most needed: juice, jam, fruit, cereal, and canned corn.


Begins its third year on Monday, September 25th at 7:30 PM in the Church Lounge. We have enjoyed two years of fellowship among the women of First Church and would love to welcome new people. If you would like the opportunity to get to know some of those women you see each Sunday, just drop in. No reservations are ever necessary. We will enjoy some snacks and catch up on the events of our lives as we toss around some ideas about what to explore in the coming year. If you would like to bring a snack or beverage, that would be lovely. If life after summer is already too crazy, just bring yourself and de-stress with us. Any questions, please call Debbie Lacivita at 698-0179 or e-mail at . The e-mail list is at 32 and growing!

Office Help Needed

We are looking for substitute reception desk volunteers for the mornings (9:00 - 12:30) or afternoons (12:30 - 4:00). You would be contacted by one of the permanent volunteers to see if you could cover their shift. Some of the responsibilities are:

Greeting visitors
Answering telephone
Assisting with mailings

This is a great opportunity to get to know the staff and the inner workings of First Congregational Church.

On a slow day - bring your favorite book to read. If you are interested contact Donna White at ext 14 or .

September Birthdays

09/01 Timothy Cleworth
9/01Warren Leibfried
09/01 Eric Schless
09/01 Kevin Carey
09/02 Marie Preucil
09/02 Gail Khosla
09/03 Cheryl Musgrave
09/04 June Freeman
09/04 Genevieve Friend
09/04 Grayson Lang
09/04 Zachariah Pratt
09/04 Heather Cook
09/05 Wynne Delmhorst
09/05 Thomas McGonagle
09/05 Nicholas Robbins
09/06 Phil Alexandre
09/06 Nicolas Tierney
09/07 Dot Camp
09/07 Tom Bystedt
09/07 Todd Phillips
09/07 Wilburn Bonnell
09/08 Inge Thalheim
09/08 Marilyn Ragland
09/08 Christina Gregor
09/08 Andrew Toy
09/08 Garrett Kriebel
09/09 Lenore Hill
09/09 Charles Wheelock
09/09 Robert Ingraham
09/09 Marcus Zavattaro
09/09 Courtney Stewart
09/09 Lindsay Olsson
09/09 Avery Welch
09/10 Jason Wisecup
09/10 James Standish
09/10 Sandy Baird
09/10 Charlene Barnes Mackay
09/10 Darren Beurer
09/10 Jane Hudson Finch
09/10 Wells Lariviere
09/11 Linda May
09/11 Barbara Huth
09/11 Jason Bealer
09/12 Gerald Anderson
09/12 Edward Oppedisano
09/12 Timmy Hardman
09/13 Meredith Sadler
09/13 Kirsten Atkins
09/13 Kelsey Norrgard
09/13 Caitlin Brady
09/14 Donna Kelly
09/14 Debbie Osgood
09/14 Maarit Bystedt
09/15 Thomas Ng-Yow
09/15 Alison Tedford
09/15 Megan Tedford
09/16 Ardith Williams
09/16 Arlene Whitehilll
09/16 Donna Harrington
09/16 Karen Baker
09/17 W Dwight Warren
09/17 A Brian Savin
09/17 Mary Ranta
09/17 John Bates
09/17 Amanda Young
09/17 Christiana Lauridsen
09/18 Gifford Reed
09/18 Jean Serenbetz
09/18 Neil Horn
09/18 John Garlid
09/19 Nathaniel Gelb
09/19 Gillian Wachsman
09/19 Rebecca Kruger
09/19 Jack Davidson
09/20 Tina Birkic
09/20 Phoebe Griffith
09/20 Lauren Ghaffari
09/20 Molly Silliphant
09/21 Patty Kolb
09/21 John Bertuzzi
09/21 David Stewart
09/21 John Beneville
09/21 Daniel Erickson
09/22 Elizabeth Perry
09/22 Katherine Hileman
09/22 Akintoye Ariyibi
09/23 Hilda Cardwell
09/23 Marc Merlin
09/23 Jake Schinto
09/24 Charles McConnell
09/24 Donna Gargagliano
09/24 David Larrabee
09/24 Nora Pollack
09/24 Peter Russell
09/24 Barbara Pagani
09/25 William Penwell
09/25 Christine Reynolds
09/25 Courtney Chapman
09/25 Martell Simpson
09/25 Jennifer Wheaton
09/25 Sara Anibal
09/26 Julia Andrews
09/26 Tom Sawyer
09/26 Robert Starr
09/26 Lorna Lariviere
09/26 Lisa Hudson
09/26 Eugene Waggaman IV
09/26 Daniel Maxwell
09/26 Grant Radulovacki
09/27 Martin Berlin
09/27 Linda Hoster
09/27 Marjory Ann Gil
09/27 Christopher Ziac
09/27 Zachary Therrien
09/28 Frank Crabill
09/28 Jean Jankovich
09/28 Brad Hanson
09/29 Thelma Colegrove
09/29 Gary Miller
09/29 Walter Jewett
09/29 Jon Hunt
09/29 Tyler Davis
09/29 Beth Press
09/30 Angela Stevens
09/30 Erin Michael Kelly
09/30 Anne Savage
09/30 Grace Leigh
09/30 Georgia Leig

14th Annual Organ Oktoberfest Line-up

Wednesday, October 4, 8 pm
''Rhythm, Repetition & Blues''
Carolyn Diamond

Sunday, October 15, 4pm
Thomas Dahl, Hamburg, Germany
including a cameo appearance by John Stansell
in P. D. Q. Bach's hilarious ''Toot Suite''

Saturday, October 21, 8 pm
International Entertainer at the Keyboards
Hector Olivera
playing the Roland Atelier AND our organ
followed by patrons' dessert reception in the auditorium

Wednesday, October 25, 8 pm
Mario Duella, Italy
including the lighter Italian side of organ music

Reminder for the Beach Service: When the weather is unfavorable on Sunday morning a white paper is taped to the sign board in front of the church. This indicates that the service has been cancelled. If you would like to attend worship, please come later that morning to the Meetinghouse at 10:00 am. There will be no Beach Service September 10th.

The Members of The First Congregational Church of Greenwich, Ministers

David D. Young, Senior Pastor
Susan M. Craig, Senior Associate Pastor
Ronald E. Halvorsen, Minister of Pastoral Care & Adult Education
Anna Paskausky, Director of Youth
Rosemary Lamie, Church School Director
John Stansell, Director of Music, Senior Organist
Susan Asselin, Parish Nurse
Libby White, Director of Preschool
Ginny Breismeister, Director of Membership
Pat Schay, Interim Director of Publications

Thomas L. Stiers and Sally Colegrove,Pastors Emeriti

Sunday Service of Worship - 8:00 AM Beach Service10 AM Church Service
Church School - 10 am Nursery Care provided during the 10 am Service.
The 10 am Service is broadcast live on WGCH 1490 am Radio.