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March 1, 2002         Patty Kolb, Editor        http://www.fccog.org

The Members of The First Congregational Church of Greenwich, Ministers
Thomas L. Stiers, Senior Pastor
Sally Colegrove, Senior Associate Pastor
Susan M. Craig, Associate Pastor
James D. Ebert, Assistant Pastor
John Stansell, Director of Music, Senior Organist
Mark Swicegood, Associate Organist/Director
Carolyn Diamond, Associate Musician
Dr. Joyce Baker, Missionary in Honduras
Dr. Reniery España, Dir. of Medical Services, AIEH
Sunday Services of Worship—8 am & 10 am
Church School—10 am
Nursery Care provided during the 10 am Service.
The 10 am Service is broadcast live
on WGCH 1490 am Radio.

The Pastor’s Column
Days of Spiritual Renewal

Dear Friends,

As I write this, our special meeting of March 3rd is upon us and the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Chopp, Dean of Yale Divinity School is preparing to share her sermon with us.

I want to take this opportunity to thank those members and friends who helped us meet our financial challenge. For those of you who were able to increase your pledges, I want to express my deep gratitude. To those of you who are in transition or on fixed incomes, I thank you for your generous offers of time and talent. While we are moving forward on a reduced budget, I believe we can still provide excellent ministry and mission.

We now move forward in our observance of Lent. Lent has begun and after an "ash-less" Ash Wednesday (I need to take ash-making lessons from Father Detscher next year), we seek to open ourselves to God’s transforming power during our Lenten journey. On Wednesday, March 6, Rev. Tony Andres arrives to start our special days of spiritual renewal. Rev. Andres not only served as a Rector of a large Episcopal church in Carmel, Indiana but also worked to help prevent child abuse in that city. He was also responsible for the construction of elderly housing there. In addition to leading many spiritual retreats, he has spent time in retreat at Taize, France and with the Dalai Lama in Tibet. Plan to attend the various spiritual opportunities offered by this very special mentor.

We have planned two special 5 pm Informal Services in Lent. On Saturday, March 9, the 5 pm Informal Service will feature Rev. Andres preaching and special music by Rob Silvan and his musical group (see John Stansell’s article inside). The March 23 5 pm Informal Service will be a representation of "The Walk Through Holy Week ". Rev. Susie Craig and I will lead this walk.

Our many activities on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter (see inside) are upcoming opportunities for you and your family to enrich your Lenten pilgrimage.

Warm regards
Tom Stiers

March Worship Schedule

Sunday, March 3
Third Sunday in Lent
8 & 10 am in the Meetinghouse
Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Stiers (8:00)
Rev. Dr. Rebecca Chopp, Dean,
Yale Divinity School (10:00)

Saturday, March 9
5 pm in the Auditorium
Rev. Anthony Andres
Music, prayer and communion

Sunday, March 10
Fourth Sunday in Lent
8 &10 am in the Meetinghouse
Rev. Anthony Andres

Sunday, March 17
Fifth Sunday in Lent
8 & 10 am in the Meetinghouse
Rev. Sally Colegrove and Honduras
Travel Group

Saturday, March 23
5 pm in the Auditorium
Informal Worship Service,
Dr. Thomas L. Stiers, Rev. Sally Colegrove and Rev. Susie Craig

Sunday, March 24
Palm Sunday
9:15 & 11 am in the Meetinghouse
Rev. Susan M. Craig (9:15)
Dr. Thomas L. Stiers (11:00)

Maundy Thursday--March 28
6 pm in the Auditorium
Fellowship Supper and Worship Service
Communion and Tenebrae

Good Friday--March 29
Worship service for children & their families
10 am in the Meetinghouse
Rev. Susie Craig, Lynne Lehman, and
Dr. Thomas L. Stiers

Music For Good Friday
8 pm in the Meetinghouse
Requiem by John Rutter with soprano
Carolyn Paulus and instrumentalists

Easter Day--March 31
Easter Sunrise Service
5 am at Greenwich Point
Sermon by Rev. Sally Colegrove
9:15 am in the Meetinghouse
Sermon by Rev. James D. Ebert
11 am in the Meetinghouse
Sermon by Dr. Thomas L. Stiers

Musical Notes
Music for Good Friday

At our annual service of Music for Good Friday, March 29, 2002, at 8:00 pm, the mood is somber, but the music, John Rutter's very popular Requiem, is anything but inaccessible. The Chancel Choir, augmented by guest soloists and members of The Youth Choir, will be joined by soprano Carolyn Paulus and a small ensemble of instruments. Organist Mark Swicegood and harpist Lynette Wardle provide the backbone of the accompaniment, with featured instrumental solos by flutist Mary Fike, oboist John Hanulik and cellist Mary Costanza. The timpani played by Eric Phinney support the whole, while Chancel Choir member Nancy McLarnan plays the glockenspiel for the added sparkle in the "Sanctus" movement. Rutter's setting includes much of the traditional Latin liturgy for the requiem mass and also has sections in English, including hauntingly beautiful settings of Psalm 23, "The Lord Is My Shepherd," and Psalm 130, "Out of the Deep."

Rutter's Requiem is about forty minutes long. The service will also include congregational singing and readings from scripture. As part of your Lenten journey, come to the Meetinghouse for this fitting musical observance of Good Friday and be truly prepared to celebrate the joy of Easter Day.

Swell the Chorus!!
It is not too late to join with other occasional choristers to sing the Requiem. Because of the popularity of the piece among singers, you would be joining with choristers whohave sung it several times, know it well, and will bring you along with them. The first 45 minutes of our Thursday choir rehearsal, 7:30 to 8:15 pm, are being devoted to this music. Join us!

Children's Choir Festival Worship
On Saturday, March 2, our Children's Choir will participate in the Annual Fairfield County Children's Choir Festival at First Presbyterian Church in New Canaan. After a day of rehearsals and activities, the children from five area churches will present the fruits of their labors in a Festival Worship Service at 3 pm. Our Choir is quite wonderful on its own, but to hear them join their voices in a 60-plus-voice group is truly thrilling. Even if you don't have children in the group, you might want to find your way to Oenoke Ridge in New Canaan that afternoon. The service is about 45 minutes long.

Spiritual Renewal with
Non-traditional Music

The residency of the Rev. Anthony Andres will coincide with First Church's experiment in an alternate worship time and style on Saturday, March 9, at 5 pm in the auditorium. For this service we have invited Rob Silvan, director of music at Talmadge Hill Community Church, to lead the music. Rob will be at the piano. He is bringing along a group of singers from his own choir as well as a drummer. There will be some of Rob's own original music which is in an easy, contemporary style, interspersed with well-known hymns and spirituals. The music has been carefully chosen to accompany Rev. Andres's theme of "Prayer and Serving Others." The service will include communion. For those looking for more contemporary-sounding music in an informal worship setting, this is it!

Easter Memorial Flowers
The Chancel Committee invites donations for Easter decorations in memory of, in celebration of, or in honor of your loved ones. Any amount is welcome. Your completed form with your check (payable to the First Church Flower Fund) should be sent to the attention of Patty Kolb at the Church Office on or before Monday, March 18.
In loving memory/celebration/honor (circle one) of

By _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Enclosed my check for the amount of $_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Report from Honduras Travelers

A Clean Clinic in the Midst of Poverty
The twenty travellers listed below have just returned from our visit to the clinics and other projects that First Church has built in Honduras since 1997. We would like to offer you a few snapshots of what we experienced. We were in Honduras for just six days, yet we were able to see both of our clinics (the one that is up and running in Pinalejo and the new one we are building in Subirana); the hostels in San Pedro Sula; and houses like the ones First Church funded for victims of Hurricane Mitch. On Friday we visited the clinic in Pinalejo--a beautiful, spacious, sunny clinic that was spotlessly clean and like a dream in the midst of the poverty of Pinalejo. On Friday afternoon there were many patients being seen and the dentist was at work.

Betsy Kreuter, a first time visitor to Honduras wrote, "We met Joyce and Reniery, the quiet proud people who work so hard, Joyce having given her life to this country. They are two unassuming people with a great vision that has already become reality through their partnership with our church. It was most heartwarming to see the clinic in Subirana under construction. We were touched to the point of tears listening to Cesar, the building engineer, tell us how much we are doing for the town including putting men to work building the clinic." Cesar went on to say that it was very important that we came to visit. Before we came no one in town had a clear picture of where the clinic was coming from--now they know our faces.

Our clinic sits next door to a large area school with five hundred students from kindergarten through sixth grade. We were delighted to see the children and know that they will benefit from the clinic. Subirana is a three hour drive from San Pedro Sula on state roads and then is a 45 minute climb up steep and winding dirt roads. During the rainy season Subirana is entirely cut off from other areas of the country. We were there after the rainy season and we had to drive through three rivers as we climbed the mountain into the village.

Our Lenten offering for Honduras is now beginning. There are envelopes in the pews at Church and in the Church Office. Your gifts this year will help us to complete the funding of the Health complex in Subirana which includes the new clinic; a nutrition center; and an agricultural development project. This is the project we began in 2001 as a two year commitment. We hope that you can join us at our worship service and Second Hour on March 17 to hear more of our story. The Christian Outreach bulletin board and walls around First Church have the first of our pictures for you to see.

The Honduras Travel Group
Bill Bonnell, Parker Bonnell, Ginny Breismeister, Craig Breismeister, Peggy Briggs, Sally Colegrove, Susie Craig, Kat Fountain, Micheala Fossum, Lucy Hoffman, Tom Hoffman, Betsy Kreuter, Fred Laffan, Tim Mahoney, Tom Mahoney, Jennifer McCalley, Lynn O'Gorman, Jahn Sood, George Thalheim, and Debbie Bocchino from First Church Preschool

Maundy Thursday, March 28
6 pm in the Auditorium
Celebrate the Last Supper with Your Church Family

We will have a simple meal of soup, bread, and fruit during the Passover portion of the service. Children are welcome to attend but the service is not recommended for the very young, as it is a bit long for them. The evening will begin at 6 pm and end by 8 pm. To reserve a place please call the Church Office, 637-1791, or return this form to the office.

Name_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Phone_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

# of people attending _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Members of The First Congregational Church of Greenwich, Ministers
Thomas L. Stiers, Senior Pastor
Sally Colegrove, Senior Associate Pastor
Susan M. Craig, Associate Pastor
James D. Ebert, Assistant Pastor
John Stansell, Director of Music, Senior Organist
Mark Swicegood, Associate Organist/Director
Carolyn Diamond, Associate Musician
Dr. Joyce Baker, Missionary in Honduras
Dr. Reniery España, Dir. of Medical Services, AIEH
Sunday Services of Worship—8 am & 10 am
Church School—10 am
Nursery Care provided during the 10 am Service.
The 10 am Service is broadcast live
on WGCH 1490 am Radio.

People, Places & Things

Planned Giving
Have you made a provision in your will in favor of First Church? A growing number of our members have done so, or have made planned gifts instead (a sort of early-action “bequest”)--and they feel good about it. A quote from the first page of the most recent issue of Lifetimes--A Financial and Charitable Planning Guide that was recently mailed to members of the First Church family puts it well: “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”

Be liberated! Today is a good time to do something about this matter. For some helpful guidance on the subject, read (or re-read) the aforementioned issue of Lifetimes, and/or call or stop in the Church Office to obtain a copy of our brochure entitled “Questions and Answers About Wills.” You should also be able to find a copy of this publication, as well as other simliar helpful guides on the Sermon Rack in the rear stairwell leading to the Auditorium. Or call Dana Low, First Church Director of Planned Giving, at 637-9315.

This is the kind of thing that is too easy to put off. It’s up to YOU to make it happen!

Dana Low

Church Rental Properties
Apartment: The apartment over the gray house next to the church is vacant and anxious for a new tenant.
House: Since James Ebert has moved out of 11 Forest Avenue, we would consider a short-term (4-6 mo.) rental for that house. If you know someone who might need to vacate a home during renovation or needs a base of operations while considering a new home purchase, please call George Handley at the Church Office.

News from The Rummage Room
We are thinking Spring! On Monday, March 4, we will be re-stocking with our spring line. Please bring us any gently used clothing and bric-a-brac to keep our shop full. Also, we need St. Patrick’s Day goodies.
A warm invitation is extended to everyone to come and join our family of volunteers. Whatever your schedule, we welcome you. Please call Debi or Maria at 637-1875 or stop by the shop.

Ushers Serve the Lord
Answer the Lord’s call to serve as an usher. Your presence welcomes and honors those who come to worship. Receive the joy of the Lord through service to others. Call Ken Kolb at 698-1525 or e-mail at kdkolb@aol.com to volunteer.

Have You Called Call-A-Ride?
Call-A-Ride is a driving service that offers Greenwich residents 60 and older free transportation to just about any place they want to go in Greenwich. If you have need of this service or know of someone who does, call them at 661-6633. In addition, if you would like to be a substitute driver, please call the number above.

Issues in Elder Care
A discussion on Issues in Elder Care will take place on Tuesday, March 12, from 1:30 - 3 pm at the Old Greenwich/Riverside Community Center on Tomac Avenue. Topics will include: advance directives; wills/living trust; and re-allocating resources to family members. All are welcome--see Parish Nurse Dee Coover for details.

Say Farewell to James Ebert! Sunday, March 17
We will bid a fond farewell to James on Sunday, March 17, at 5:30 pm in the Auditorium. Everyone is welcome! We will celebrate with a classic First Church potluck supper. If your last name begins with A - I, please bring a salad for 10; J - R, a casserole for 10 and S - Z, a dessert for 10. Our own David Robbins will emcee what promises to be a very memorable evening! Please call or return this form to the Church Office.

Yes, we will be at James’s Farewell!

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Telephone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Number of people attending _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I can help with the party _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Lenten and Easter Activities

Days of Spritual Renewal with Our Theologian-in-Residence

Rev. Anthony Andres
We welcome Reverend Anthony Andres, who recently spent a six-month sabbatical in Jerusalem, the Sinai Desert and the Isle of Iona in study and prayer. He has spent time in retreat at Taize, France and with the Dalai Lama in Tibet. He also spends two weeks each year in quiet retreat. Rev. Andres has a Master of Divinity degree from Virginia Episcopal Seminary and a JD from Cleveland State University of Law. His undergraduate degree is from DePauw University where he was a fraternity brother and roommate of Dr. Stiers.

Individual Counseling Available
Please join us on Wednesday, March 6 at 7:30 pm in the Lounge for coffee and dessert with our Lenten theologian-in-residence, Rev. Tony Andres. On Thursday, March 7, Rev. Andres will be available for individual sessions, prayer counseling and other private concerns from 10 am until noon and from 1:30 pm until 4 pm. (Sign-up is necessary for all individual sessions. Please call the Church Office.) He will offer noon prayers - The Benedictine Model - on Thursday, at which all are welcome. On Friday, March 8 , Rev. Andres will offer a Service of Meditation and Prayer using the “Taize” Model at 7:30 am, and will be available for individual sessions throughout the day.

Lenten Spiritual Retreat
Our theologian-in-residence, Rev. Tony Andres, will lead a Spiritual Prayer Retreat here at First Church on Saturday, March 9, from 9 am to 1 pm. He will speak on “Prayer and Sprituality, Service and Soul.” There will be three sessions comprising meditation, guided meditation and silent prayer. Please fill in the form below or call the Church Office to sign up for this meaningful event.

Yes, I’ll Be at the Prayer Retreat

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Telephone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Good Friday Morning
We invite you to join us at 10 am on Good Friday, March 29, for a worship service for children and their families. We will hear the stories of what happened during those last few days of Jesus' life. Good Friday was a very hard day for Jesus, but it was not the end of the story. Come journey with us as together we sing hymns and hear about this important story of our faith. Following our service, the Senior Pilgrim Fellowship will be walking through town as they carry our big cross to the beach. You might like to wave to them as they go by, or meet them with your own picnic lunch as they arrive at the beach.

Easter Saturday
This is a time for families. From 9:30 until 11:30 am on Saturday, March 30, all are invited to gather in the Daniels Center for Easter egg dying, the creation of our springtime mural, and assembling baskets and coloring books about Holy Week. Be sure to bring along your hard-boiled eggs and we will supply the dye and other decorations. We will also be preparing Easter Baskets to decorate the Meetinghouse for Easter morning. See you there!

Travel Opportunity

Congregational Heritage Tour with Dr. Stiers

This September, Dr. Stiers will lead a tour group to the beautiful English countryside to discover the roots of the Congregational church. It will begin at Windsor Castle and Stonehenge, then progress to the ancient city of Bath; Stratford-upon-Avon (the birthplace of Shakespeare), Coventry and the bucolic Lake District; the Scottish seaports of Iona and Oban; historic St. Andrews and Edinburgh; then to the historical Congregational area of York; and finally conclude with a tour of Cambridge and London. The tour is sponsored by Garlin Travel and will depart on September 18, returning October 2. The price is $2,799 per person double occupancy with a New York departure. Deadline for reservations is April 30. Please speak to Dr. Stiers if you are interested.

March Calendar

Special Events
1 6:00 PM Men’s Retreat, North Greenwich Congregational Church
2 9:00 AM Men’s Retreat, continued
3 9:00 AM Third Grade Bible Breakfast, Daniels Center
11:00 AM Special Meeting of the Congregation, Meetinghouse 
6 7:30 PM Dessert & Coffee with Rev. Anthony Andres, Lounge
7 12:00 PM Noon Prayers, Rev. Andres
8 12:00 PM Noon Prayers, Rev. Andres
7:30 AM Service of Meditation and Prayer, Rev. Andres
9 9:00 AM Spiritual Prayer Retreat, Rev. Andres
5:00 PM Informal Worship Service, Auditorium
10 11:15 AM Second Hour, Rev. Andres, Lounge
14 7:30 PM New Members Class, Lounge
17 5:30 PM Farewell  Party for  James Ebert, Auditorium
18 7:30 PM Inclusivity Committee, Lounge
21 7:30 PM New Members Class, Lounge
23 5:00 PM Informal Worship Service, Meetinghouse
24 9:00 AM New Members gather before joining the church, Lounge
28 6:00 PM Maundy Thursday Fellowship Supper & Worship Service, Auditorium
29 10:00 AM Good Friday Worship Service, Children & Families, Meetinghouse
8:00 PM Music For Good Friday, Rutter Requiem, Meetinghouse
30 9:30 AM Easter Egg Coloring, Daniels Center
Committee Meetings
4 1:00 PM Stephen Ministers, Lounge
6:30 PM Search Committee, TLS Office
7:30 PM Church Committee, TLS Office
5 7:30 PM Stephen Ministers, Lounge
6 7:30 PM Membership Committee, Lounge
10 11:15 AM Christian Outreach Committee, TLS Office
11 12:00 PM Rummage Room Committee, Lounge
7:30 PM Memorial Gifts Committee, Room 203
13 11:00 AM Women’s Fellowship Board, Lounge
7:30 PM Church School Task Force, Lounge
18 1:00 PM Stephen Ministers, Lounge
19 7:30 PM Stephen Ministers, Lounge
Weekly Events
Sunday  11:15 AM Cherub Choir rehearsal, Room 104 
Youth Choir rehearsal, Choir Room 
5:00 PM JPF, Room 103  
7:00 PM SPF, Room 103 
Tuesday 6:00 PM Confirmation class 
Wednesday  5:00 PM Children’s Choir rehearsal, Choir Room 
6:00 PM Children’s Choir Pizza Supper, Room 303 
Thursday 9:30 AM Hats Off, Lounge 
7:30 PM Chancel Choir rehearsal, Choir Room 

Please remember
First Church First Sunday
Food Drive!
March 3

We are in particular need of cereal and canned meals (stew, ravioli, chili, hash).
If you cannot bring your donation on Sunday, drop it by the Church Office by Wednesday, March 6.
Thank you!

From the Parish Nurse
Believe in the Power of Prayer

March is a wonderful month this year. Not only does it signal the beginning of Spring, Easter comes on the 31st to crown the end of the Lenten season.
Traditionally, Lent is a time of penitence and prayer in preparation for the celebration of Christ's Resurrection. This year, I would like to challenge you to think about healing as a benefit of your Lenten prayer petitions. Penitence can bring healing for the body, mind and soul as is described in Psalm 51 when David asks the Lord, "...Create in me a clean heart O God, and renew a right spirit in me."

The topic of the mind-body connection in relation to healing was introduced in last month's column. The thesis considered use of guided imagery twice daily for seven to 10 days pre-operatively, and support from family, friends and one's attending physician to enhance physical healing and reduce recovery time after surgery. The impact of these mind-control strategies was clearly demonstrated by significantly decreased incidence of post-operative complications.

A positive mind set, or attitude, is 95% of everything we do. Success in our lives, our relationships and accomplishments at home, school or work, and, in overcoming adversity, is significantly dependent on how we approach the situation. As Christians, we know attitude includes having faith in God's power to help us make breakthroughs in our lives, everyday.

Faith is coming before the Lord with an expectant feeling, trusting that God will set things straight within our body, mind and spirit. Good examples of healing from the Gospel of Matthew include the story of the centurion (Matthew 8:5-13) who came to Jesus with a request to heal his servant. "…Speak the word only, and my servant will be well.." Jesus replied, 'Go home, and what you believe will be done for you.' And the officer's servant was healed that very hour." Similarly, a woman is healed simply by touching the hem of Jesus' robe (Matthew 9:20-22) - her faith, and expectation for healing were recognized and rewarded fully by Jesus.

Prayer is a powerful tool for healing all types of afflictions. Sometimes we cannot define specifically what ails us. What we do know is that we are in pain or distress, somewhere in body, mind or spirit; perhaps in all three areas. A useful remedy is to read and "pray the Psalms". King David, who wrote many of the verses, was a person much like you and me - talented and full of potential until he erred.

When he chose to follow his own way, his life turned upside-down. The Book of Psalms contains his laments as well as his praises to the Lord. Personally, I find reading the Psalms comforting. My stress and anxiety are calmed by such words as "…I call to the Lord for help; I plead with Him; I bring Him all of my complaints…. Lord, listen to my cry for help, for I am sunk in despair." (Psalm 142:1, 5-6).

Interestingly, research reported at a recent cardiac surgery conference indicated that there was a significant difference between two groups of patients who underwent cardiac surgery when prayer was employed as the intervention. The findings showed that those who were "prayed for" during surgery recovered in less time because they experienced fewer arrhythmias and other post-operative complications. These outcomes provide concrete evidence of God's Grace in action for the one "in need". One can hope there are benefits for those who offer their petitions as well.

Prayer for healing can take a number of forms. At First Church, there is a corporate Healing Service one Sunday per month. Private prayer with members of the clergy is available by appointment. Requests for the Prayer Chain can be directed to the ministers or the Parish Nurse. Stephen Ministers are trained to pray with their care-receivers. Family members are encouraged to pray with one another each day as morning or bedtime devotions.

Individual prayer time may come some time before starting the day, or when difficult situations occur, perhaps during "empty time" while standing in line at the market or while waiting for an appointment. Journal writing enhances prayer experiences by increasing one's focus on the person, the Psalm spoken, place/date, and the petition requested for healing. Over time, one becomes very convinced of the power of prayer when answers to petitions are written in the journal with their corresponding dates. Or, when God actually delivers or "speaks" His response through the lines of Holy Scripture.

To request healing prayer, or connection to the Prayer Line, contact your Parish Nurse.

Dee Coover, R.N.,
Parish Nurse
Available at First Church
Sunday & Wednesday
8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Tuesday 8 am to 12:30 pm
203-637-1791 x21

March Birthdays

1 Tom Beam 11 Christie Coon 21 Reginald Gisborne, Jr.
Wallace Cardwell Andrew Tedford Virginia Liddel
Decima Button Eric Andersen Janet Brooks
2 Anne Fox William Johnson Nicholas Stewart
Paul Palmer Altan Sadik-Khan 22 Penny Low
Christopher Harris 12 Kelley Bailey Kyle Young
3 Hans Farman Michelle Maxwell Sebastian Meyer
David Ficker Alexandra Ng Phyllis Gregor
Don Carlson 13 Rosamund Brady Kenneth Olsson
Peggy Wilson Lucinda Allen Peter DeRiemer
Alden Richmond 14 Janet Savin 23 Donald Walton
Darleyne Sandreuter Sandra Boles Arnold Anderson
Greta Joung Burt Harrington Hans-Georg Thalheim
Ella Quinn Asa Hazen Tad Larrabee
4 Lea Menegon Erin McGonagle Robert Anderson
David Robbins Jackson Jacoby 24 Donald Swanson
Karim Sadik-Khan Michael Lonski Kwen Du
Wayne Hileman Warner Finney Gage Benoit
Charlie Baird Nancy Allen 25 Darlene Moore
5 Bobbie Hopkins Lindsey Erickson Sybren Hoekstra
Louise Schmitt 15 John Standish Olivia Koorbusch
Ohireime Ariyibi  Albert Gordon, Jr. Matt Hietala
Torey Farris Thomas Johnson 26 Curtis Carlson
Claire Phillips Andie Liebowitz Gillian Robertson
6 Sue McCalley Isabelle Mackell Christopher Cleworth
Joey Rogers Peter Mackell 27 Jay Shaw
John Michael Fryback Alexander Langhorne Mary Durland
7 Donald Breismeister 16 Dale Myer Tucker Serenbetz
Brian Carlson Robert Medvey Hank Schless
Robert Schroeder Nicholas Berntsen Will Perry
Isabelle Schless 17 Sandra Haviland 28 Joan Denne
Tucker Stafford Connor Koorbusch Katharine Fountain
8 Esther Coleman Jimmy Heidt Charlie Taggart
Dorothy Pidgursky Cathie Weigner 29 Elizabeth Church
Frank Zavattaro 18 Sandra Sandlock Jane Cantwell
Sally Morgan Adelaide Winton Nicole Pacent
Vicki Altmeyer Penelope Winton Chee Chee Purdie
Hillary Coleman 19 Dawn McCready 30 Elizabeth Mose
Kyle Christensen Alexander Ghaffari John Trepanier
William Christensen Carol Rawn George Thalheim
9 Katrina Peters Catherine Mahoney Lisa Maxwell
Cheryl Anderson 20 Grace Aslinn Hitchens 31 Pamela Stewart
Emily Glendon Kara Liebowitz Daniel Lepoutre
10 Daniel Schmitt J. Alexander Buckland
Marianne Sheehy Erica Videtto
Ruth Reed
Lucy Hedrick
Edmund Luce
Lori Romano
Sherry Myer